Fill in The Single Form

To fill in the Single Form, the Partners should use the PDF Application that can be downloaded only from Appel. Furthermore, according to the modular approach, before starting to write the Single Form the partner should select the type of Action to be submitted for approval. Depending on this choice, the Single Form will display all the 13 Sections or not.

Single Form section by section

Single Form Assessment criteria

In the assessment of proposals, DG ECHO will look at:

The compliance of the Action with the proposed strategy (HIP) or financing decision

The compliance of the Action with the operational requirements which include:

  • commonly used principles such as: quality of the needs assessment and of the logical framework, relevance of the intervention and coverage, feasibility, applicant's implementation capacity and knowledge of the country/region.
  • in case of actions already being implemented on the ground, where ECHO is requested to fund a continuation, a visit of the ongoing actions may be conducted to determine the feasibility and quality of the Action proposed
  • depending on the characteristics of the crisis, other elements could be taken into account when assessing the proposals, such as: security, coordination, access arrangements, quality of monitoring, sustainability, Linking Relief Rehabilitation and Development, resilience, cost efficiency, comparative advantage of the Action or the partners.

If the Commission refuses an Action proposal, it shall inform the Partner as soon as possible and explain the reasons for its refusal.

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