The PDF application

The Single Form offline 2018 has just been launched! In phase 1 taking place on 15th of October 2018, ECHO delivered the new Single Form for offline use.

The support for the old PDF Single Form will be maintained for at least a few months after the launch date of the new platform. This will enable you to submit new proposals (from mid-October this year onwards) with the offline tool of your choice.

To know more, read the Single Form 2018 Quick Start Guide and the Manual you find in Reference Documents page

The PDF Single Form was implemented in 2013 and represents an evolution of the previous eTools system.

This PDF application is based on Adobe PDF technology, and enables Partners to complete any Single Form related document completely offline and to share it with other users via e-mail, Skype or USB key.
Once the document is ready, it can be uploaded in APPEL for submission to DG ECHO.

The only technical requirement necessary ti run this application is Adobe Reader 8 - or higher version. This software often comes pre-installed on your computer or can be freely downloaded and easily installed.

The PDF Single Form consists of four documents – “eDocuments” - which are used at different stages of the Action.

  • The Request, referred to as RQ that must be completed at proposal stage. If the Request is accepted, DG ECHO will conclude a Specific Grant Agreement. All subsequent documents are linked to this initial Request.
  • The Modification Request referred to as MR. As soon as a humanitarian action has been granted by DG ECHO, any amendment requiring approval from DG ECHO shall be submitted via MR.
  • The Interim Report, referred to as IR, could be requested by DG ECHO in order to monitor the status of the humanitarian action or for notification of non essential changes.
  • Finally, the Final Report, referred to as FR. Once a humanitarian action is concluded, a Final Report must be submitted in order to close the project and liquidate the final payment.

The Pdf workflow

Before starting to work on the PDF application, partners need to create the initial eDocument in APPEL. After the creation in APPEL, the .xml file of the draft eDocument needs to be downloaded and then imported into the empty PDF Single Form.

When the .xml is imported, the partner can proceed to complete the relevant sections of the Single Form. Once completed, the document can be exported from the PDF application and uploaded in APPEL for final submission.

The PDF Single Form should always be downloaded from APPEL, in order to be sure to have the most updated version of the application.

For more information please consult the PDF application manual

In case of technical problems in managing the PDF Single Form application or APPEL, you may write to:

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