What is the Single Form?

Uses of the Single Form

The Single Form is a living document that ECHO partners will use for:

  • Proposal
  • Modification
  • Intermediate report
  • Final report

By “living document”, ECHO means that the same document (“Single”) has to be completed/updated during the project's life's cycle. Thus, the Single Form allows a comparison between the planned and actual achievements.

The Single Form allows partners to:

  • Submit a proposal in response to a crisis or an identified need
  • Reflect the reality of the project in the field
  • Anticipate assumptions, risks, change in project design, etc.
  • Inform ECHO of achievements.

 Furthermore it should also allow DG ECHO to:

  • Take a decision to fund or not to fund an Action
  • Monitor the Action
  • Analyse proposed modifications
  • Liquidate the agreement on the basis of the final report
  • Report on the actions funded, using the data mentioned in the box “data extraction”.

The Single Form format is also used to submit proposals in the framework of the Grant facility, the Capacity Building and Dipecho proposals. For this type of funding, DG ECHO usually issues specific guidelines in addition to the SF guidelines (check DG ECHO website for more information on these funding opportunities).

Modular Approach

According to the modular approach, partners are invited to use a different version Single Form according to the nature of the Actions submitted for funding. A function is available in APPEL where partners can identify the Single Form corresponding to their Action:

Here you can find more details on mandatory sections of the Single Form depending on the nature of the Action (Urgent, Non Emergency or Complementary) and the sections to be filled in by UN Agencies.

Decision Type SF to be usedDate of submission proposal
Primary Emergency Simplified In the first day of the crisis
Emergency Simplified As soon as possible after the crisis
Urgent Action in HIPSimplified As soon as possible after the crisis
Non-Emergency actions Non-Emergency/ Adapted Date specified in the decision

How to access to the Single Form

The Single Form is accessible through APPEL and has to be encoded using the Pdf application.