Interim Report

As a general rule, the partner is requested to submit an interim report three months before the end of the action.

The objective of the interim report is to let ECHO know where the action stands, whether everything is on track and if non essential changes have been introduced.

Moreover, the interim report is an important management and monitoring tool, which allows for the comparison of the intended objectives with actual achievements.
This report should cover the whole Action regardless the DG ECHO contribution, in principle up to one month before its submission.

When the Interim Report is required the partner will find the timing for its submission in the Article 4.1 of the Agreement.

By default the Interim Report is not required (unless it is operationally justified) in the following cases:

  • urgent actions
  • short actions with a duration of less than 10 months.

How to draft the interim report

The Interim Report shall be drafted on the standard format provided in the Pdf Single Form, by filling in only the field marked with INT.

  1. Section 2: Humanitarian organisation in the area
  2. Section 11: Derogations
  3. Section 12: Administrative Information

In the Single Form Guidelines (see old version valid until 21 June 2016 here)the partner can find, section per section, the minimum information to be provided at this stage.

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