The FPA for International Organizations and its Annexes

ECHO signed the FPA with three International Organizations:

The International Committee Of The Red Cross (ICRC)

The International Federation of the Red Cross societies (IFRC)

FPAAnnex IAnnex IIAnnex IIIAnnex IV
Framework Partnership AgreementIndirect Management delegation AgreementGeneral Conditions Management Declaration templateVerification Clause
Establishes the Principles and the Objectives of the PartnershipAgreement concluded between ECHO and the Partner for each approved ActionRules governing humanitarian actions from the proposal to the final report stageTemplate for the Management DeclarationClause through which the parties agree how to prepare and conduct checks

The FPA for IOs and its annexes are available here.

FPA Objectives

The purpose of the Framework Partnership Agreement is to identify the general rights and obligations of the Parties when they enter into specific Agreements and to lay down the rules governing humanitarian aid actions funded by the European Union

Entry into force of the FPA

The current Framework Partnership Agreement enters into force upon signature by both Parties. It may be terminated by either Party giving six months prior written notice.

References & useful links

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